Digital Transformation in the Retail Industry in MENA

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If there’s one sector that’s most affected by ever-changing customer demands and customer buying behaviour; it’s the physical retail industry. Today, customers have the upper hand- they go online for convenience, easy access and personalised shopping experiences.


On one hand, ecommerce websites target, track and monitor their visitors, collecting invaluable data at each touchpoint. On the other hand, physical retail stores are barely managing to tap into the potential of the digital world.

In the MENA region alone, ecommerce sales have been growing year over year with 2017 closing $23.3bn, 2018 at $28.6bn and 2019 estimated to grow till $35bn.

So how can physical retailer take back their market share and continue to grow their bottom line?

The answer lies in Digital Transformation.

What does Digital Transformation Mean for the Retail Industry?

Simply put, digital transformation is nothing but reimagining how you drive revenue and stay competitive in a digital-first, customer-centric world.

However, digitally transforming your retail store does not necessarily mean that you need to shut down your brick-and-mortar, set up an ecommerce revenue channels and start advertising to grow online.

On the contrary, you could digitally transform your store by making the most of something as simple yet sophisticated as geo-targeting or proximity marketing to drive footfall.

How can Retail Stores in MENA get started with Digital Transformation?

Leveraging Pinoffer as a stepping stone

As the owner or manager of a retail brand, you’re most likely hesitant or overwhelmed by the countless digital channels out there and how each could affect your in-store sales (for better or for worse).

Talking about the MENA region specifically. It’s become commonplace to hire 3rd party digital transformation consultants that burn a hole through marketing budgets. As a result, only big players in the retail space can actually afford to turn to them.

At Pinoffer, we’re breaking these barriers!

With Pinoffer, now you can drive in-store traffic and deliver smooth customer experiences- without burning a hole in your pocket or the knowledge and expertise of digital channels.

So without further ado, here’s why Pinoffer’s simple and efficient platform is a retailer’s ideal stepping stone into a digital first world:

  1. Analytics Dashboard: Collecting valuable in-store data to understand customers and store performance

pinoffer dashboard
pinoffer dashboard


Once you sign up for a demo at Pinoffer, you get access to a unified dashboard that tracks, measures and presents every aspect of your physical store.


From monthly to hourly metrics like footfall, time spent in store, revenue generated, churn and retention rates, slow days, busy days,- we bring all the analytics you need to track and optimise your store’s performance together in one place.

Think about what you can do with this data, from sending offers on low key days to upping your store and customer experience on busy days- all of which our platform helps you do.

  1. Powerful geo-targeting and retargeting options to drive footfall

In a nutshell, geo-targeting allows you to send location-based notifications to users and geo-fencing allows you to draw a virtual area in and around which you want to target users.


With a read rate of 98%, sms and push notifications (when done right) can be one of the most effective ways to expose customers to your offerings and promotions. Couple them with geo-targeting and geo-fencing and it’s possible to for you to send highly personalised offers to ideal customers at the right place, at the right time.


Retailers like yourself can use Pinoffer to target new customers and retarget the old ones, all in real-time. On top of that, by using other targeting criteria like age, gender, interest, etc it becomes all the more easier for to reach your ideal customer!


Bringing back your customers with smart geo-fencing and push notifications
Bringing back your customers with smart geo-fencing and push notifications
  1. Attracting and retaining customers with targeted Google and Facebook Ads


On typical days, you most likely see a lot of visitors who look around but don’t buy or buy but never come back. If you’re not doing anything to get these people back to your store once they leave, then you’re missing out on potential sales. After all, it’s easier to sell to people who know you, than people who don’t!

So, what better way to reappear in front of them and attract them to come back than personalised Facebook and Google retargeted ads.

With Pinoffer specifically, you can target ads to your past visitors and customers. These ads could offer special discounts and engage them. To boost conversions, you could create FOMO by making the offer valid for a limited time. The possibilities are endless!

Tapping into the advantages of the digital world to improve in-store sales and customer experience doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds.

Get in touch for a quick demo and discover how you can start attracting, tracking and retargeting your ideal customers, right away!







How Pinoffer is helping physical retail stores retarget customers and boost in-store sales

How Pinoffer is helping physical retail stores retarget customers and boost in-store sales


pinoffer dashboard
pinoffer dashboard


Not all location-based retargeting services are created equally! The proof is in the pudding- and at Pinoffer, we are leveraging data, accuracy and smart retargeting to drive sales for retailers and brands.


Our intuitive platform and retargeting options are designed to help you reach and retain your ideal customer and in turn drive up your in-store sales.

Furthermore  we equip the offline stores with an intelligence dashboards and analytics where you can understand your customers interests, and behaviors.

1. Bringing back your customers with smart geo-fencing and push notifications

Bringing back your customers with smart geo-fencing and push notifications
Bringing back your customers with smart geo-fencing and push notifications


It’s no secret that push notifications promoting personalised offers, discounts and new collection launches sent to the right customers can quadruple your footfall on any given day.

Besides, we also take pride in our accurate geofencing targeting abilities which simply put allows you to target people in an area around a particular geographical point, for example your store or even your competitor’s store.

Attract past customers when they are nearby

Plus if done right, it’s 4x more easier to bring back an old customer to the store and drive them to buy than attract a new one- which is what Pinoffer is committed to deliver.

Couple geofencing with attractive push notifications and you’ve got yourself a well-oiled footfall and revenue driving machine.

2. Building engagement, relations and sales with Facebook and Google Ads


To solve the out-of-sight, out-of-mind dilemma, at Pinoffer we re-engage your customers even after they have left your store. And what better way to do that than target the places they visit the most? Facebook and Google sites.

Powered by our smart positioning methods, we put your brand in front of your ideal customer and continue to build familiarity and engage them through ads that direct them to your store.

Our aim: to establish familiarity, build a relationship and position your brand at the top of their mind as a leading retailer in your niche.

3. Powerful store analytics to help you up your marketing and customer experience game

store analytics
store analytics


Today, the better you know your customer, the more equipped you are to deliver amazing customer experience, create effective offers and make well-informed sales decisions.

Besides, to compete with online competition, physical stores need to take data seriously. Data points like footfall, sales, conversion rate, churn rate and more on a daily basis are designed to help you take your marketing and sales game to the next level.

In-store analytics to boost your sales and performance

And that’s where our simple yet powerful analytical dashboard comes in!

Our analytics will give you key insights like how many people walked in each day and how many converted or churned to the busiest and slowest days of the week (month or year, even) in terms of sales beside reach insights on their interests and shopping habits. Imagine what you could do with this data- from launching new collections on busy days to offering personalised in-store customer experience or attractive offers on slow days.

Today, most successful brands are infusing online retargeting, geofencing and location based geo-targeting to boost their sales and stay ahead of competition so why should you miss out! Contact us at Pinoffer  to enjoy the watch your numbers up.

How physical stores can leverage retargeting to boost their in-store sales

How physical stores can leverage retargeting to boost their in-store sales

How physical stores can leverage retargeting to boost their in-store sales
How physical stores can leverage retargeting to boost their in-store sales

And how Pinoffer helps brands do exactly that


Retargeting the right people, at the right place, at the right time, has been the holy grail for eCommerce marketers online. Be it to drive repeat visitors, customers, familiarity or even brand loyalty.


However, when it comes to physical retail stores and brands, most fail to tap into or even recognise the golden goose that is smart retargeting.


Truth is, with advances in Facebook and Google ads, geo-retargeting, geo-fencing and overall analytics, there’s a lot that you as the owner or manager of an offline store can do to re-engage past walk-ins and customers to boost your in-store sales.


Just think about it, what if you knew that a past customer is just two blocks away on your sale day? Wouldn’t an appealing push notification with a personalised offer attract them to stop by and potentially buy from you?


Why offline retailers should consider retargeting to drive in-store performance?


Why offline retailers should consider retargeting to drive in-store performance?
Why offline retailers should consider retargeting to drive in-store performance?

With retail stores footfall declining by 15% every year and 84% consumers feeling that offline retail stores should integrate with the online world, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of retargeting physical customers online!


Retargeting customers after they’ve left the store presenting huge sales opportunities

1. It solves the ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind dilemma


Unlike e-commerce websites where one can keep engaging their visitors on auto-pilot thanks to cookies, pixel code they are retargted even after they have left the website, as for the physical retail stores are limited to their physical space.


It’s almost as if once a customer walks out of your store, they are lost… forever.


Okay, forever might be a tad bit dramatic but at least till they think of you again and we all know how long that can be when you’re completely out-of-sight!


Here’s where retargeting past walk-ins and customers comes in!

Physical stores can influence customer behaviour and boost sales by making sure that they’re on the minds on their ideal customers- even when they are out-of-sight!


2. Build familiarity and trust by engaging past walk-ins


On top of not having a way to contact the people who’ve interacted with their stores at least once, physical retailer stores are faced with competitors armed with marketing teams and budgets, both online and offline.


With studies proving the rule of seven, which simply put implies that on an average your target buyer will convert after seven interactions with your brand (either online or offline), it’s clear how important building recognition, familiarity and trust are.


On top of that, it’s common practice for online competitors to always maintain a competitive edge, thanks to their own targeting methods!


Without retargeting, it’s highly unlikely that a typical store visitor will come back to your store seven whole times- through the jungle of attractive online ads!

3. It’s precise, effective and has massive ROI

It’s precise, effective and has massive ROI
It’s precise, effective and has massive ROI


Hands down, a past customer is one of the ideal people to target with new offers and what better time to reach them than when they are walking by! Or when they are in need for what you sell, they can be easily converted when you attract them with localised content and they happen to be nearby, you are almost certain to attract them into your store.


Besides location-based targeting, retargeting on Facebook and Google can also help establish a brand image almost instantly, if done right. Basically, retargeting is one one of the most precise and effective ways to double down on ROI.